Commercial vessel management

Bulk Carrier

Our company-wide commitment is to offer trading vessels extensive management of commercial day to day vessel operations through experienced hands ensuring that the vessels run efficiently covering aspects such as safety, time management and cost-effectiveness. We are committed to understanding the present, future, explicit and implicit needs of our clients along with ensuring that they are met with the highest standards in terms of delivery and quality of our services.

We walk the extra mile to exceed customer expectations ensuring we deliver the very best service and advice.

Ariana Marine & Offshore Services Pvt ltd would be happy to

discuss providing you with any of the services below:

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Day to day operations of the vessel can be categorized as per below:

  • Vessel fixing, planning and execution in line with the Charter Party for each vessel

  • Monitor each voyage from the Laden leg to the Ballast leg
  • Voyage bunker planning
  • Measure and analyse the performance of each vessel at port and at sea
  • Calculation of Laytime and Demurrages
  • Monitor Off-hires followed by settlement of claims
  • Follow-up on cargo claims and issues
  • Provision of Statement of Facts (SOF) for each port-call per voyage
  • Monitor fleet’s Vetting and CDI inspection status
  • Monitor and measure Key Performance Indexes (KPIs) as agreed with Clients
  • Provision of comprehensive Half-yearly and Annual Performance reports
  • Maintain complete voyage documentation for each vessel

Plan and arrange the following provisions:

  • Bunkers
  • Chemicals and Tank Cleaning Equipment Supplies
  • Nitrogen bottles
  • Fresh Water
  • Chemical for Scrubbers

Coordination & Correspondence on a daily basis with:

  • Clients
  • Agents
  • Vessels
  • Vendors

In-house Agency Accounting that covers the following for each voyage:

  • Appointment and follow-up with Port Agents
  • Estimation of total voyage cost
  • Verifying Final Disbursement Accounts against the relevant Port Tariffs
  • Time bound follow-up and settlement of Final Disbursement Accounts
  • Ensuring timely payments and maintain Tally records.

     Logistics Management for Vessels not under Post Fixture Management

  • Maintain Logistics database for entire fleet of wet and dry vessels
  • Liaison with agent for vessel movement

Carry out Laytime / demurrage calculation in liaison with various owners